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Stryx is striving to be an active contributor towards improving our children’s health by inspiring a love of movement and sports at a young age. We like to broaden our children’s horizon by introducing a wide array of activities and finding the one thing that makes YOUR child fall in love with fitness. We offer After School Activities, dedicated Sports Academies and Holiday Camps to make sure to cater to all skill levels and make it easier for you, as parents to get your children active.


As part of our FCBEscola Dubai we organize bi-annually soccer camps to the famous training grounds in Barcelona. These trips are an exciting opportunity for our players to hone their soccer skills while getting a glimpse into the home of their favorite soccer team. To be part of this incredible experience, come and join our teams at FCBEscola now!


Our trainers, in cooperation with our partners, create and execute professional After School Activities in various sports, such as: Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Dance and Performing Arts, Martial Arts, Fitness, Basketball, Synchronized Swimming, Diving and Water Polo.

Stryx can provide individual sports packages or manage all of the sports and ASA activities as a sole provider for the school, from planning to promotion and execution. Our professional training staff will deliver engaging and exciting training sessions, while you can rest assured that our behind-the- scenes team has every aspect of the organization, customer service and planning covered.


Just because you are on break from school does not mean you should be on a break from being fit as well. In this spirit we take our sports expertise to various locations, offering a complete holiday camp with different sports related activities. These holiday camps can range from Skill-Camps, where our trainers focus on improving skills in specific sports, to our Multi-Activity Camps, where your children will get exposed to a wide variety of sports and activities and maybe find their passion for something new.